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These characters did nothing wrong deserving of this, and now they're part of whatever shenanigans you and your game group are up to this week.

Includes 14 backgrounds for Troika! that all fit on one side of a tarot card:

  • Primitive Dentist
  • Pamphleteer
  • Fitness Instructor
  • Tiny Runaway
  • Tiny Stowaway
  • The Idle Rich
  • Sleuth
  • Postal Enthusiast
  • Secret Agent
  • (A) Dracula
  • Werewolf Escapologist
  • Arctic Explorer
  • Ancient Sapper
  • Courtroom Warrior

I use LibreOffice for my layout, so I have also included a blank tarot card template with correct margins set.

Unfortunate Souls is an independent production by Ian McDougall and is not affiliated with the Melsonian Arts Council.

Text is released under a CC-BY-SA 4.0 license.


blank tarot.odt 7 kB
Unfortunate Souls.json 5 kB
Unfortunate Souls 2020-03-19.pdf 1 MB
Unfortunate Souls.odt 1 MB

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cool that you included a json file. Let me give you a money though!

Thanks! The json file is mostly for the benefit of David Schiuridan, so he can add them to his generator more easily.

Almost killed me with how good these are. I particularly love Fitness Instructor, Postal Enthusiast, and Courtroom Warrior.